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The world's longest zipline in Dubai Marina

Information about the world's longest zipline In Dubai Marina, opening hours and timing, how to buy tickets, full requirements for ride in XLine, useful tips for visitors.

24 06 2024

Dubai is full of fascinating amusement parks and leisure destinations. In this article, we share the info about one of the most exciting tourist spots – XLine in Dubai Marina. Keep reading to learn more.

What to expect at XLine

XLine offers a unique twist with «superman» harnesses, allowing riders to experience a thrilling, belly-down flight sensation while enjoying expansive panoramic views. With two ziplines operating simultaneously, participants can share this exhilarating adventure with a companion.

Capture every moment with mounted GoPro cameras on your helmet, ensuring you can relive and share your ride through personalized videos and photos provided to each participant.

The top reasons to try the Dubai Marina zipline  

  • Experience the thrill of free-flight unlike any other at Dubai's zipline. Participants don't sit but instead lie in a head-first Superman position on a secure harness. This unique setup enhances the sensation of weightlessness and the exhilarating feeling of flying like a superhero. 
  • XLine offers the opportunity for tandem rides. Two parallel tracks allowing friends or couples to share the excitement together.
  • Breathtaking aerial view. During the ride, you can enjoy Dubai's iconic skyscrapers, waterfront, and meticulously designed urban landscape, which dazzles day or night. 
  • Capture lasting memories with the complimentary GoPro helmet camera. The tool will be provided by the attraction's instructors. You'll receive a personalized video recording by email within 48 hours after your ride.

Visitor tips  

To ensure a smooth experience, XLine Dubai only accepts cashless payments. It’s recommended to book your adventure online in advance for convenience. And remember to bring a valid ID, such as Emirates ID, passport, or driving license, and your confirmation email. It can be either on your device or printed.

There is limited storage available for small items like phones, wallets, and keys. Please avoid bringing large handbags or luggage as they cannot be stored. Lockers are provided for small personal belongings only. Also for your comfort, consider eating a light meal before your ride to prevent any discomfort. Finally, to enjoy the ride without any interruptions, securely tie back your hair.

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Requirements for ride

Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Ages between 12 and 65 years. Parental consent is required in person for those under 18.
  • Weigh between 45 and 100 kg and be taller than 130 cm.
  • Be in good medical condition, not pregnant, and free of existing or recurring injuries. 
  • Not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any impairing substances. 
  • You should not have a serious physical or mental disorder that can influence completing the ride's physical and mental tasks. 
  • Every ticket is valid exclusively for a single person, for the specified time and cannot be reused for multiple bookings. 
  • Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. Tickets purchased from resellers will be declined without any refund.

How to get to XLine Dubai  

You have few options to reach XLine Dubai:

Metro: Take the Red Line and disembark at DMCC Metro Station. Walk across the overhead bridge over Sheikh Zayed road and proceed approximately 10 minutes on foot to Dubai Marina Mall, where you'll find the entrance to XLine. Alternatively, you can board the tram from Sobha Realty station and alight at Dubai Marina Mall station.

Bus: The closest bus route to Dubai Marina Mall is Bus 8. Exit at Jumeirah Beach Residence 1, Seaside stop and walk about 15 minutes to reach your destination.

Car: Take Sheikh Zayed road and follow signs to exit directly to the parking lot at Dubai Marina Mall. The XLine booth is on level P.

Opening hours  

The XLine Dubai Marina is available only for a limited time. The organization works Wednesday to Monday from 9:20 am to 11:20 am and continues at 3:20 pm until 6:20 pm with 20-minute intervals. Timings can change, depending on the season, the weather and public holidays. If the XLine needs to close the ride for any reason, you will know about it through the official website.

Price and how to buy tickets  

The cost of a ticket for one individual is $21, regardless of whether you arrive in the morning, afternoon, or evening, as the price is fixed. For children aged 12 to 16, the price is slightly lower at $15.

It's highly advisable to book tickets on the official website. Booking online is recommended because the attraction is extremely popular, and securing your ticket in advance ensures you won't miss out due to a lack of availability.

After booking, you will receive a confirmation email. On the day of your appointment, you need to go to the check-in desk at Dubai Marina Mall with your passport and the confirmation letter from the xLine team.

The entire experience, from registration to the end of the zipline descent, takes about 90 minutes.

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What should I wear?

Dress comfortably in appropriate clothing and closed-toe shoes. Avoid skirts, dresses, flip flops, or any loose footwear. Securely tie back your hair, and leave large accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and superhero capes at home. Also, out of respect for local UAE culture, please dress modestly.

Can I bring my phone or camera?

Yes. You can capture the moment before stepping on the platform. However, mobile phones and cameras are not permitted during the zipline ride itself for safety reasons. Don't worry, the professional camera team will be onsite to capture your adventure.

Is the attraction safe?

XLine is designed and operated by highly qualified teams with global certifications. The attraction conducts daily tests and regular maintenance to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained at all times.


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